Mei Store
Mei Store - Kalihi, HI (2007)

"I photograph interesting buildings and urban landscapes, and seek to capture their traces of human activity and struggle. Although our buildings are built for the utilitarian purposes of shelter or commerce, they are also monuments to ourselves; our ingenuity and our sense of style and aesthetics. Although our urban landscapes are developed for the purposes of transportation, communication, power transmission and other uses, they can convey a dizzying sense of chaos, desolation, and loneliness. Our buildings and urban landscapes tell rich stories that reflect the social, economic and environmental forces that shaped them.

My photographs are captured with an 8x10 large format view camera. I also describe these photographs as hyper-realistic because of their extreme resolution, which the human eye is incapable of experiencing directly. As you move closer to the photograph more and more detail is revealed."

- Brian Malanaphy







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